17 Common Driving Mistakes We All Do

driving mistakes

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What do you think what is the world’s most difficult thing that almost every man do in his life?

The first thing came in mind is driving…….

When your hands, legs, eyes, ears, even nose is fully active in the presence of mind. And fear of losing life is also with the driver. 

Life is full of challenges & driving is one of these challenge. Here we are going to talk about some common driving mistakes, which no one notice but can be very dangerous.

1 . Correct use of Circulation Button.

You already know that this button let the air in from outside, But There is something I want to tell you. When you drive behind an old vehicle producing a lot of black smoke, you should turn this thing off. You should use this temporarily in hot summer days. Because this will get the temperature down. Keep in mind that lower all the windows and let the hot air get out of the car before setting off. Then close them after few minutes to get the full benefits of air conditioning.

You should also use this in winter whenever you enter into your car, because this will take longer to defog the windows. 

2. Use Steering wheel with mounted shortcut buttons.

The mounted shortcut button on steering-wheel was originally invented not for convenience, but it was for your safety reasons.

If you do not have shortcut buttons mounted on your steering-wheel then, whenever you alternate the functions like radio, music and other controls, you will ensure to take off your eyes from the road even when you are driving fast and the chances of accidents increases. So this is recommended that you should have mounted shortcut buttons on your steering-wheels and whenever you wanted to alternate the functions, you keep your eyes on the road for a safe journey. 

3. Do not talk too much

This thing is very common on the roads that a driver is talking to his partner. Talking too much can decrease your focus on the road as well as your eyes contact with the road. As two most important things while driving (focus & eye contact) decreases the chances of accident raise very much.

That’s why you should not talk too much with your partner and while driving also avoid eating. 

4. Use the parking brake also when you use automatic gear box.

When using automatic gearboxes, and park your car, then make sure that the parking brake on while switching your engine. Because even some modern gearboxes don’t engage the parking brake automatically. And this could be very dangerous.

Without engaging parking brake your car can slide on surface. But the habit of engaging parking brake can save you from many problems.

5. Allow the space of 3-4 feets.

While driving many people do not allow distance of 3-4 feet from next vehicle. This could be very dangerous and risk of life is very high.

Allowing at least the distance of 3-4 feet let you overtake them when they break down.

6. Standing on brakes when you really have to.

While driving in cities or populous areas, sometimes we need brakes vey urgent and so quickly. Modern tires and braking system is so powerful and also very effective to reduce the speed or stop the car that is why you do not need to locking them. Modern braking systems have an anti-locking system known as ABS braking system and recommended for every person who is a driver.

But if still you are not using modern braking system then it is recommended that whenever you need the brakes quickly and urgently, do not lock the brakes, if the car is at high speed then probably the car will be out of control and can cause a huge lose for you. 

7. Check the tires & its pressure of your car regularly

Checking your tires is like a simple one, but also ignored like this thing is not necessary but your tires are very important. After all, the tire is only things that make contact between the car and the road physically.

This is recommended for you to check the tire depth, tread groove, pressure of air etc. at least once in a month

8. Do not play the music loudly.

When we are on a journey and our favorite song is on the radio. We all, increase the volume and began to enjoy the music. But, do you know that, this could decrease focus on the road.

According to the research of University of Newfoundland, when the music is under 100db. Reaction time increase by 20% across all participants of the research.

In additional, listening the music loudly can mask the sound of our engine. This situation can cause you judging your car speed more difficult. 

Listening the music in high volume is a huge mistake. If you are planning to go on a journey, then first of all make sure that you have turned off your radio. 

9. Sitting incorrectly 

This can be sounds common to you but this is a very huge mistake. Your instructor must told you about your sitting position but this thing is very noticeable that new drivers sits very closely to the steering wheel. This kind of mistakes can harm very badly.

10. Not looking ahead

When we drive car for a long distance, our focus on the road decrease many times. The death rate & accidents on the country roads and on the roads outside the city is twice than the roads in the city. This thing can surprise you because the traffic on the road in the city is very huge and very busy as compare to the roads outside the city, but the death rate is high on outside the city.

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This is all because, we drive on the road inside the city we great care but we are on the roads outside the city we drive at a high speed without judging, reading signs & ignoring the facts.

That’s why you should drive the car we great care inside the city as well as outside the city. This will take yours as well as other lives out of danger. 

11. Opening the door dangerously

Whenever you open the door of the car keep in mind to look around you. Be sure to glance at the side mirror & make sure that nothing is coming and the way so clear. A bicyclist or biker may be coming from back, which you can’t hear could be hit by your door.

This kind of mistake made by the driver make a huge loss for the other. 

12. Which fuel do you use for your Car?

Sometimes, using high-octane fuel can cause your car to work improperly. Before using high-octane petroleum, make sure that your car is made for such purpose. Using the slightly pricier fuel would not make any difference in the performance of your car.

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It is highly recommended that, use that fuel with the octane number which is recommended by the manufacturer of your car. 

13. Adjust the Rear & Side-Mirror Correctly

The inside rear mirror is specially built for to look full view of back instead of your head. This is very common that while driving we don’t notice the adjustment of mirror, and while crossing the lane we will not be able to look the traffic behind you, in case of you began to adjust the mirror while driving this will cause you to lose the focus between you and the traffic next you.

So when you enter the car make sure the rear mirror is adjusted correctly. 

Both of the side mirrors should also be pointed wide enough to view any potential blind spots, just barely showing the side of your car. 

14. Don’t ignore the school zone even while holydays

Most areas enforce the drivers to follow the rule only while school session. But some of these areas maintain 24/4 speed cameras. These cameras sometimes tricks the driver to remembering what time and day of the year it is. Which cause losing focus & mind while driving which is very dangerous. So, it is more important to just focus on the sign and the road instead of remembering the time and the day.

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15. Don’t speed up at the yellow light

Obviously, we all know the middle light is meant to signal us to slow down in preparation of the red stop light, but all too often a driver will take the reverse tactic and speed right through to avoid being held up.

It’s also the most major cause of intersection collisions, causing super-destructive T-bone accidents and injuries. 

16. Do not accelerate too much

Accelerating too much is a habit that not just putting you in danger but also you and other drivers into seriously vulnerable position. We know time is money, but life is more precious.

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Accelerating too much also cost you by decreasing the gas mileage. 

17. Use headlights even on the day

Turing on the headlights on the rain or snow is always must. But, according to the studies, keeping them on all the time decreases the chances of accidents up to 10%.

Turning on the headlight will not affect the millage of the car.

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