9 Most Annoying things in Airplane



1. Dry mouth & dry skin

Airplanes seems to be sponges, when they take off, they started to suck all the moisturizers from your face, your skin will become dry. No matter how much water we drink or moisturizer we slap on.  

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Airplane pumps in air from outside to dilute the air inside the plane, which is loaded with the carbon dioxide due to the breathing of passengers and crew members and gasses from the clothes and the cabin itself. At the altitude of 30,000 feet, the air do not carry moisturizers.  

That’s why the humidity level decrees down to 10-20%. In some cases, it becomes less than 10%.  

Passengers feels thirsty in this case & drinks a lot of water, which cause them to go to toilet & become annoying to in-flight neighbors and ourselves.  

2. Too hot or too cold 

During the flight, if the air conditions are switched on, then everything in the cabin will be cold & colder. On the other side if the air conditions are switched off then, the cabin will heat up quickly like a aluminum rod in the sunlight in hot summer days.  

This thing become the reason of discomfort for the passengers.  

In this situation a dialogue is very famous.  

Bring a blanket, dress in layers and hope for the best. 

3. Playing games at full volume 

Flight journey is sometimes boring. But this is not the fault of your neighbor passengers travelling with you. There’s absolutely no excuse for this anti-social behavior – no one wants to listen to your game, movie or music.  That’s why headphones were invented and just about every shop at the airport sells them.  

People playing at high volume are annoying & the cause of disturbance for those who are trying to sleep. Next time, whenever you are on a journey, don’t play at high volume.   

4. Eating smelly food on board 

If you decide that a long flight is the time to tuck in to a special treat, bringing your own food from home is a best for your taste and your wallet also. But, did you really need to bring tubs of odorous home-cooked dishes. Surely a few sandwiches, raw vegetables or fruit would be a more sociable choice in such close quarters?  

Also avoid crunchy or smelly foods. Your neighbor passengers wouldn’t want to listen your crunch….. crunch…. or smell of your food.  

5. Excessive hand luggage 

Excess baggage fares are a particularly frustrating experience for any traveler to face.  but banging people’s ankle as you struggle down the aisle with an overstuffed suitcase, your fellow passengers will not like this kind of things.  

6. Noisy kids & chilled parents 

For a traveler, this happens at least one or two times that the kids are also on board. You are on a flight & luckily you are enjoying the journey. Suddenly, kids began to make noise, screaming and began to make disturbance for every person in the cabin.  

You are very lucky if the kids are rows away. But if they are just behind or in front of you then we do not think you enjoyed your flight.  

7. The snorers 

You are on a flight, while others are taking benefits of the entertainment and you fell asleep and began to snore. This will be annoying for all of the others. That’s why, if you know you snore while sleeping, you should avoid sleeping to not to disturb others. But if you really want to pass the time by sleeping, then you can follow the tips to avoid snoring.  

8. Over Chatty Seatmates

When everyone wanted to fell asleep in the plane during a long flight. Some of them will began to start conversation and began to spill their life story. Everyone feels this annoying, they spend money to travel not to listen your life story. So, before starting conversation make sure that you are not annoying that person.  

In this situation, Time to bring out the noise-canceling headphones and eye mask – sure-fire signals that you’re ready for some quiet time.  

9. People Coughing & Sneezing

Studies have shown that, one of five person who travel on a plane suffer from fever after the flight. It is a bad luck for you if your seatmate is suffering from cold or fever, here is a high chance of fever. Studies also shows that, if a person is sneezing in a row then 33 neighbor passengers can be affected by the germs. In other words, Airplane cabin is a hotbed for the germs.

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