Top 5 Ethical Hackers in the World

What is Ethical Hackers?  Ethical hacker or White hat hacker is that persons who uses…

ethical hacker

What is Ethical Hackers? 

Ethical hacker or White hat hacker is that persons who uses their hacking skills to identify their security vulnerabilities in a software, hardware or in a network. 

These ethical or white hat hackers also respect and uses the laws as it applies to hacking. Otherwise black hat hackers do not respect or uses the law and applies in hacking. 

Have you got the skills to be an ethical hacker? They are highly valued by major organisations across the globe. 

White hat hackers are very valuable in these days as the level of danger is very high as well. Many organization are hiring best white hat hackers for their security. 

Today we will talk about the top 5 best ethical / white hat hackers. 

Kevin Mitnick 

Kevin David Mitnick was born August 6, 1963. He is an American Computer Security consultant, author and hacker. He is famous because his hat was not always been white. He also lived his life with black hat and he paid for his crimes that he done with his use of skills in wrong ways. For his high-profile 1995 arrest and later 5 year prison for many computer and communication related crimes. 

Early Life 

When he was 12 he used social engineering and dumpster diving to bypass Los  Angeles bus punch card system. After he convinced a bus driver that he bought his ticket for a “School Project” and he can ride any bus in the Los Angeles area using unused transfer slip which he found in a dumpster next to the bus company garage. 

Later, Social Engineering became his primary method of obtaining information, including username and modem phone number. 

Mitnick get his first success to get unauthorized access to a computer in 1979 when he was just 16. His friend gave him a number for the Ark, the Computer system Digital Equipment Corporation simply known as DEC used for developing their RSTS/E operating system software. He broke the DES’s computer network and copied their software. For this crime, He was charged and convicted in 1988. 

Currently he is running a security firm Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC which helps test company’s security, strength, weakness and potential loopholes. 

Joanna Rutkowska 

She is a polish Computer security researcher. She is the founder and CEO of “Invisible things Lab”. 

She is best known for her research on low level security and stealth malware. and she is also the founder of Qubes OS security based for desktop. 

She became very popular after Black-Hat-briefing conference in Las Vegas in August 2006. 

In that Conference she presented a attack against VistaKernel protection mechanism, and a technique Dubbed “Blue Pill”. Blue pill is used to make a running hardware into virtual machine called “Hardware Virtualization” 

Charlie Miller (Security Researcher) 

Miller is a American researcher of computer security, and he is well known for exposing vulnerabilities in Apple Products. He is also known for winning Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver in 2008. In that contest he was the first person to locate a critical MacBook Air Bug. He was awarded with $10,000 prize for this achievement and make him the best ethical hacker the world ever known.

Safari also fell to Miller’s white hat capabilities, beating the browser’s security and again coming away wealthier from the experience, this time winning $5,000 in 2009. 

In 2011 Miller continued to prove his specialism in tracking down flaws in the famed security of Apple devices, discovering a weak point in both the iPhone and iPad. Throughout his ethical hacking career Miller has presented numerous other attacks to display dangerous vulnerabilities. 

Now he is working as a computer security researcher for Cruise Automation, an American company working on driverless cars, an space that is currently an ongoing top tech trend around the world. 

Greg Hoglund 

Greg Hoglund is well known as author, researcher, and serial entrepreneur in the cyber security industry. Hee is also the founder of several companies including Cenzic, HBGray. 

Greg Hoglund is a specialist in computer forensics who has gifted a great deal to the world in its mission to combat malicious threat actors. Hoglund is a crucial feature in our list of ethical hackers. 

Some of the areas he is best known for working in include physical memory forensics, attribution of hackers and malware detection. His skill in ethical hacking really comes to light when his creative genius is considered. 

Hoglund has patented methods for fault injection, these are used for software testing, a valuable creation for white hat purposes. Like others on this list, Hoglund has also worked with the U.S. Government and the Intelligence Community, providing his skills to the pursuit of justice. Exploit material and rootkits have been the primary area he has worked on in this capacity. 

He has also founded a number of companies, including HBGary, a company centred on technology security. In 2008 the company joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. In its time the company has been involved in conferences including RSA Conference, where it has provided presentations. 

Tsutomu Shimomura 

Standing out among ethical hackers, not only is Tsutomu Shimomura a brilliant cybersecurity expert and physicist, his place in our list provides a cyclical effect because he was heavily involved in tracking down Kevin Mitnick, another prominent member of our list. 

Shimomura’s genius may have been expected by some as he is son to the 2008 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Osamu Shimomura. His abilities in physics led him to be taught by the great physicist, Richard Feynman. 

In 1989 at the University of California he became a computational physics research scientist, a path that led him to work for the National Security Agency. By testifying in Congress he raised awareness to the lacking security and privacy of cellular phones. 

His activity in bringing Kevin Mitnick to justice has been the most high-profile action in terms of using his security skills for ethical purposes. The event led to a feature film called Track Down, inspired by the book Takedown written by Shimomura and journalist, John Markoff. 

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